Thursday, November 19, 2015

Two Months and Counting

We've been on the road for two months now, and so far we haven't killed each other or actually filed for divorce. 

RV roughing it

 So that's a good thing. 

 The ongoing discussion about why the leaky sink isn't fixed could cause more issues than it's worth, so I'll try and keep it to myself for the next few weeks.

In early October we headed from San Diego and stayed on the beach- and the 101- for a night in Huntington Beach, and I will have to say the cars were louder than the waves. 

Not us swimming...but it could be.

Then we went to Monterey to visit the family for a few days and we found some peaceful empty beaches.

Carmel-By-The Sea; not to be confused with the candy I guess.

Have I mentioned I love the beach?

We met two funny guys in a dive bar in HB, and they made me laugh since I really wanted to cry after falling off my bike twice.

One funny guy (L) and one funny husband. (R)

Who falls off a bike on the boardwalk?

We arrived at our destination in beautiful Lake Ruth/Mad River at my aunt's home to do some repair work on her cabin. (The Husband is doing the work. I write and waste time on Facebook.)

Ruth Lake, only full lake in California...or so I'm told. 

The area is beautiful, but there is no...anything. OK, there is a bar where the guys growing weed stop in after work...smelling like weed. The whole area smells like weed!

We've been here almost two months and the family part is great, but the forest is scary and I can't hike because of the weed farms and the lake is cold's time to move on. 

And maybe get the fucking sink fixed.