Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back to Business

Last month's blog posts were brought to you by The Husband- who thinks he deserves  to celebrate his birthday for an entire month- like a teenage girl.

Pam and The Husband(on the right)  playing croquet.

The problem is- I indulge his funny, joie de vivre lifestyle- but someone has to be the grown-up, and that my friends, is me.

While he is at the beach sitting next to pretty girls and cute gay guys, I am back at the homestead writing articles. While he is riding his bike down the coast highway I am back at the RV looking for more writing gigs so we can afford to eat.

Those damn mai tais don't grow on trees, ya know!

To be fair, the only check that is regularly deposited in our bank account like clockwork is his social security check and pension from the Grocers Union- so I suppose he can run/jump/and play all he wants- but next year- can we keep it to a 15- day celebration, because I can't keep up!

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