Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 30 - West Meets South in San Diego

When I returned from Mexico, I wanted to get together with my middle bro. 

He had come from Texas, his new digs, ( I'm really sure this move was not totally his idea ) to see daughters and brothers and friends. As we had made only tentative plans to see each other, I went to Mexico for a few days, and when we returned he went to Temecula. 

Well, it's not hard to know who had the best of that. Not withstanding that border wait...
So, brothers reunited! We met at the BoatHouse on Harbor Island for a walk and talk. Lunch was tasty and the venue beautiful - especially for those who have chosen to live in Texas.

To his never-ending credit, he refused to let me pay for lunch, or the inevitable trip to the Bali Hai for - Thank you God - Mai Tais. 

My bro said he loved them and could drink quite a few given the opportunity. I will welcome him back.

 I loved the day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 28- A Day in La Mesa

As we were close to the old homestead, the really old homestead, we decided to take advantage of the mother-in-law's house being empty. ( we called for permission ) I figured we could be away from the beach for a day. 

You know how that surf and sand get old. So I sat down with my light beers and watched all manner of sport while the wife caught up on her writing. Lovely!
Invited the favorite cousin over for late afternoon wine and snacks. Things were turning out quite nicely in good old La Mesa. Dinner at Por Favor with Cadillacs.  

I should mention that the town has a different vibe now. Lots, and I mean many homeless folks just hanging out. Nothing stays great forever, except Disneyland.

 Is this where I yell ' get off my lawn '?
Apparently they did get off my old lawn and moved to my current lawn here in O-Side. 

Houston, We Have a Problem...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Days 26 & 27- Buenos días!

It’s been 12 years since traveling in Europe and a couple since Canada.


 Nevertheless, these last few days in Mexico reminds one of just how uniquely different this foreign country is from all the others I have visited. The colors used in places such as Umbria and Provence are bright and cheery. They make purple and yellow look beautiful, but somehow those same colors- and every other shade dotting the barren hillsides on the way down the coast in Mexico- look out of place and, unfortunately, dirty.

So the resort south of Puerto Nuevo called La Fonda (should we really call it a resort?) is differently charming. That is to say, charmingly run- down.

However the very rustic beach- view room with a huge veranda just steps from the sand (albeit very steep steps – and a lot of them) is a great value. Food and service are excellent, and reasonably priced.  Therefore, the dichotomy of the coat hanger screwed into the ceiling to hold up the shower curtain is indicative of what one finds throughout the whole property. Of course, I live in a motor home…

It is true that once you have arrived to one’s Mexican destination, there is a tendency to slug Tequila. I actually resisted this urge showing the kind of grace and will- power possessed by very few of my friends, and myself, on all previous visits. See how I have matured?

And then, there is the Rosarita Beach Hotel. The wife and I decided to have one final Margarita while looking into staying there on the next trip. Compared to where we had been, it seemed like Disneyland!

 The total opposite of the poverty surrounding it. Once inside that arch, the atmosphere becomes Santa Barbara- like. And it totally hides the cruel reality of the two- hour and 45 min. wait in line one endures to cross back to civilization. An appreciation of this country invariably ensues. 

So this is the question; does the value on the beach justify the wait at the border?  The jury consisting of my wife and I, and my bladder, - sans motor- man’s friend – says probably not.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

As I have been telling you all, it's not easy being sleazy. It takes a great deal of stamina and courage to pull off 31 days of celebration. I'm heading to Mex. so who knows if I'll make it to the month end. 
So I slept in. !0:00 so I apparently had a good day yesterday. I did coincidentally run into a grammar school friend at the Del Mar concert. And enjoyed dancing with folks newly met and also those friends who have known me for too many years. We drank way too much wine.

I do recall ending the night at Jimmy O's where the wife put my name in the rotation for karaoke. 
Singing back in the day- before Diva-like personality

 And also picked the song. I have no idea what I sang, and I'm not asking. Because I'm a bit of a Diva, meaning I'm my own worst critic, I know for certain that it was not a stellar performance.
So rock on my friends, stay the course, put up a good fight, and all that!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

So I was born in Egypt and cast out into the Nile... thankfully not! 

BTW- My future wife was 5 months old when this photo was taken.
I had the incredibly good fortune to be born in San Diego. And a more cushy life really could have not been had. A milk- toast neighborhood in the middle of white- bread America. 

Every advantage offered. I must have done some wonderful things in a past life to deserve all these blessings. Whatever the case may be... I will try to give back to those around me for making this life so fantastic. Love and Blessings to my immediate family and friends for making me feel special. 

Love to you all!

Oh... and another spectacular day in sunny Del Mar.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Day 22- Birthday Eve

The actual day before my Birthday. But as my wife has told me, " you treat every day like it is your Birthday." And that, ladies and gentleman, is a recipe for life.
Simply succinct.    

Monday, August 22, 2016

Day 21- Got your Fins?

Watching the World Body Surfing happening at the O-Side Pier this morning.

Old Guy Photography 101

 Ladies in the water working it. Guys swoopin- in. And this was the ladies age 35 to 44 and men 45 to 54. Then I really was humbled when the men's 65 and older 'dudes ' took to the waves. Holy crap, what have I been doing with my time? I need to get in shape!

Courtesy of Oside News

So I came home made a drink and went on a bike ride. I'll show them.  

Olympics over so perhaps I'll get some sleep before  midnight for a change. I know I could stream it, but I'm old- school and was kind of hoping for another bout of Bob Costas' pink eye. 

Anyway, congrats to all for becoming world class athletes. Hope every one of you transitions to a successful future...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 20 - It's the Weekend...

When the weekend comes around after semi-celebrating each day so far this month, it seems laissez-faire.

Friesland flag in the RV Park

 But the wife is asking what's up for the weekend? So something should be planned. Let's BBQ is probably not going to cut it. But it turned out  she needed to work/write- so I was off the hook and looking forward to some relaxation.

Well, not relaxation in the typical sense of the word. I went for a workout. A nice sweat and, of course, a long bike ride. 

Nothing special except for the shout- down by a handicapped lady to a woman whose dog was invading her space. The police actually came. Nothing like a little drama, especially when I'm a total bystander.
Aja & Julie- BFF's

My daughter came by with her gal pal and spent a nice afternoon on the beach. 

All is well in the weekend home space.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 19- One more time

It was revealed this morning that someone had forgotten a bag down at Campland.

 We only brought two bags, one being a cooler and the other paraphernalia - nice word and thank you spell check- that the wife packed.
Guess which bag was left? No man leaves a party without his cooler. Enough said.

 I volunteered to retrieve said bag as it would afford an opportunity to ride at the bay. After a brief stop and a Hi-De-Ho to those gracious hosts, with bag in hand, Shelter Island here I come. Wonderful day for a bay cruise.

I tried to find a better kayak launch for accessing Humphrey's concerts but failed. Now this might surprise you, well probably not, I found my way to the Bali Hai.

One and done, as my Uber driver was not with me... 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Day 18- The Zonies are here!

Our friends from Prescott, Az. have arrived at Campland. 

We invited ourselves as my wife has known Maggie since childhood. We did visit them 2 years ago at their house and had a wonderful time. ( Depending on whom you talk to... ) Her husband Bob and I bonded in the very best way. I will not divulge who had to crawl to bed.
However, I discovered that a headlight was out 2 days ago and, dammit all, had put off the repair. Thinking we might be driving darkly I had to fix it. All went well- even though the last time I did this, NASA called and requested I recalculate the angle of the bulb as it was hampering re-entry.

We once again enjoyed the hospitality of a campsite. Have you ever been to Campland on Mission Bay? It was a first for me even though I have lived most of my life in San Diego. This campground is a monster, a total money making machine, and actually well run. Our friends had a bay front campsite and the camaraderie with many of my wife's childhood playmates stood the test of time.

 Chalk one up for making old friends new friends.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Day 17- What's Up With That?

It started yesterday while I was enjoying the sand and surf. 

 A gentleman set up his camp right in front of me somewhat blocking my view. No worries as there was enough space. Sometimes I think it a bit rude to set up directly in front if there is a lot of open sand. 

So today as I was again enjoying the sand, the same gentleman set up camp directly in front of me. I did choose the same general area so I was not completely surprised, but again, did think it rude. No big deal. I could move if I wanted, but there was a bevy of beauties nearby.
After about an hour, the guy gets up and starts striking poses while glancing at me. Oh no! What I had believed was just a coincidence just became something totally different. There really are no coincidences. Nothing happened, no really nothing happened! Except that most of the surrounding people were giving me knowing smiles.

I feel like such a piece of meat!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 16 - A Regular August Day

Most of the after-effects of too much fun are hindsight and giving way to what's next? Not easy to plan something special for 31 days without breaking the budget. But then again, with the proper attitude one can find his way. 

After losing a battle with a goat head, I patched my bike tube and was once again on an adventure. The harbor has a lovely hue in the morning, and today was no exception. Sorry to see the boat for sale I had my eye on was gone. But not to worry, I could not afford it anyway. I did enjoy having a ' passing ' relationship though.

 I was brain wrestling with exercising or taking  a day off. 

In the end, found myself on the beach finishing 'Foreign Agent' by Brad Thor. Very topical and a decent summer read. 

Nothing special but definitely an enjoyable summer day...

Day 15- Even more relatives visit the TP

Started the day hosting the wife's half- sister and husband for breakfast at 7am. 


The coffee had kicked in and since they are quite enjoyable, it was a great way to start the week. We made a tentative agreement on the sale of the motor home when we upgrade. 

So a really great way to start the week.

Then off to complete obligations made to myself. That would be to cleanse most of the impurities self- inflicted over the weekend. A major sweat followed by a ride to Encinitas. Met the wife at the Union Brewery where light beer cleansing ensued.
It's important to stay true to oneself...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 14- The Relatives Arrive- (Still the Guest Blogger RTR)

It became a very busy Sunday, as the patio filled up with relatives. 

Only five in all, but besides the Mother- in- law, they are a rowdy bunch. And I don't have a great deal of will- power and always join in the reindeer games. A tad, OK much more than a tad, too much libation.

So tomorrow should be a day of cleansing.  Promises made to yourself  after over- indulging are fine. Really!  Just make sure there is follow through. So a sweaty rock and walk followed by a long bike ride. Remember to hydrate. 
Light Beer is very hydrating and cleansing....

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lucky 13- Off to the Races

The wife was customarily up early grabbing party favors for the day. We were headed to Del Mar for Tacotopia, the races, and a concert. Long day in store - this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Not for the weak of heart or liver.
Arriving fashionably late for tacos did not stop a reasonable smack down. No #s will be divulged, but my daughter almost doubled my intake at her last Tacotopia. My favorite; the Adobada from AH-JIJO!

Birthday monthers- RR and Val

The races were a success as no horses suffered life threatening injuries. A great concern -  I do love to see them run - but still....
As for the concert, we were obviously a tad older than most. I honestly have no idea who the first band was. I believe they were a reggae rap band. ( this was told to me ) And I followed the cool moves of the guy smoking herb just off to the right. The headliner was 311. ( That's 3 eleven for you non- rockers ) I amazed myself by recognizing a few of their songs. 

Had a chat with someone probably in his 50's, as he quizzed what rockers I had seen in the day. He then stated that I was probably the only guy ever to see both Jimi Hendrix and 311 live. 

I don't know, but I might be a 1% er- in one respect.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 12- Is Enough, Enough?

How much enjoyment can one man take? This is a question for Bob B. - my wife's cousin. 

While I dabble, he is infused to the gills. Every post is another adventure and they come at you fast and furious. 

Well done! But he is not married.

Is it possible to overdose on fun? Well, of course. And there is a price to pay. Your wife will tell you that price. She will remind you of all the things formerly discussed that remain undone. And she is correct. That's the bitch of it. ( No pun intended. )

As I sit here enjoying another cosmopolitan after an exhausting day on the beach while the wife barbeques' the steaks, that is the question I ponder...

Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 11- Brothers

I visited the big bro today. 

We bonded over the Olympics - watching volleyball.

Sport is a great way to spend time when communication is difficult. We can enjoy just being together without speaking. Except, in Reed fashion, cursing when the outcome is not favorable. 

Last month hanging with the bro- (FYI - the road burn on my face has healed.)

Spoke again with bother Bill, wishing him further B-Day enjoyment. He is planning a visit at the end of the month, so hooray, I will not need to bike to Texas. Looking forward to the forthcoming argument as to who owes whom for past sporting bets.
Of course, a sunset bike to the harbor was in order.

 Beautiful evening with wood smoke in the air...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 10 - High Jinx (Guest blogger RTR)

It's a typical day at the beach- but which beach? Do I just enjoy the local playground or take it south? During this stirring conversation with myself, the wife comes home unexpectedly. No worries, I was decent. Well, as decent as I can be, which is sketchy.
So her news was a new work schedule and other opportunities offered. Lucky me, I mean us! Another reason to celebrate. So she went back to work and I headed down the coast to reunite with her later. 

Not The Wife

I have discovered that no matter what sand position I choose, young ladies also choose my immediate area. This is great and also disappointing.  

I love the view but I understand that I am completely non-threatening. The balance scale of life...

Great happy hour at the Mission Brewery found us enjoying ourselves again and realizing that life takes many turns, but with the proper attitude...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 9- Zen and the Art of RV Maintenance

Reality comes to roost on your doorstep even when one is a master at putting his head in the sand.

 This reality happens once a week when motor- home maintenance should be a priority. When your domicile has an engine and many other parts necessary are confined to a very small place, one should be diligent. Because there is no place to hide if something goes wrong. I must admit to being somewhat less than diligent in more ways than I care to delineate.

 I do start the engine once a week and walk around the vehicle. My wife is not so sure that this constitutes proper maintenance.

But it did afford me time for relaxing at the beach. Mark off another day of enjoyment!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 8- Monday, Monday...(RTR)

Mondays after eventful weekends start slow. 

But not for the wife who was up and out by 6:am.

 I was up by 9:00 and was out at noon. Perfect start to the week. 

Not the usual bike ride at the beach but inland to visit the brother.
Not the brother whose birthday it is today, because he moved to Texas. Long bike ride. The brother I went to visit was not home, so I used the time to go to Old Navy for properly priced T- shirts and a new wardrobe. ( Highly recommend )

A patio afternoon and evening with a bottle of rosé, BBQ burgers and catching up with the Sunday paper. Another great Monday. But I forgot to call the middle brother with B- Day wishes. So I will have a good start to Tuesday.

 Ah... RV Living.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 7 - Day of Rest? (Guest blogger RTR)

After over-doing it yesterday, most would relax, take it easy. It's the right thing to do. Not according to my young wife. Out to breakfast at Tony's after double coffee and Baileys. 

The wife had to write and I had to bike. Extra special sight-seeing as summer crowds escalate. A simple beach chair and towel no longer cut it. Apparently you must bring the whole of your home patio- along with grandma dressed for church and wearing support hose. Great theater- thanks to all for the entertainment.

The boat dock also makes a splash as rookies and professionals back trailers onto the ramp. I haven't seen more disastrous attempts since I tried to put John's boat on his trailer sideways at Lake Havasu. All in all, another great day on the coast enjoying good weather while the wife enjoys me being away.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 6 - Blood is Thicker than Wine (Guest Blogger RTR)

Our two nieces came up to visit yesterday.

Great day highlighted by conversation, beach walks, Pacific 333, fresh peach daiquiris, BBQ lobster & trash talk! 

These gals came to play. They are a force to be reckoned. 

Another beautiful day at the trailer court. What a blessing to be here. Two minute walk to the Harbor. Three to the beach. I appreciate my life and do not take it for granted. My wife works her arse off- well not all of it- to round out our days with the proper amount of wine. Thank You!
The kids are enjoying themselves in Vancouver, BC. as depicted. They are a joy to behold!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 5- Friday Night Musings (Guest Blogger RTR)

Here's the thing about enjoying your life too much. People 
will be skeptical. Some will say, "yeah, but what about...?" 
Then all the preconceived attitudes drilled into them from 
grammar school kick in: do you have a plan for your final 
years? Have you paid off your house? How much do you 
owe? How will you pay for your retirement? Hard questions 
for all. But if your not enjoying every day- and I don't mean 
doing something that I would call over-the-top,skydiving, 
shark encounters, Mt. Everest- then you're missing out.
 My idea of enjoying every day is doing.. just doing... the 
things I enjoy. 

Today I took another bike ride - my route unknown - and I 

found my way. Luckily I have very attainable goals that make

 my heart happy; I hope to wake to find my family doing their 

best and to set an example to enjoy their lives as they see 

fit. Not as their parents see fit.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 4- Unexpected Blessings- by Guest Blogger RTR

First off I would like to relate a truism about the 99 Cent store. Every time I visit, as I did this morning, without even trying, I get the best dressed award. This is not something I am proud of... just something I have noticed. But I am very proud of the savings.
On the way my wife called telling me our daughter needed a ride to the airport as her boyfriend was stressfully bogged down with business. What wonderful news for me. I would have the pleasure of seeing her off to Canada. Fantastic! And all went well.

As is custom, any time near the airport one must visit The Bali Hai Restaurant for one of their signature Mai Tais. Any one who knows my wife and I understand how we revere this tradition. And , of course, it did not disappoint. Wonderful conversation with new friends and of course, Olivia.

We invited our cousin to meet us for dinner at The Hills in La Mesa as we were, in town, so to speak. When she said yes, the day took another upturn. Great dinner with one of the nicest people I know.
Unexpected Blessings Indeed!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 3- Beachin!

I hope y'all did not think I was going to be like now Disneyland, and then Sea World and Knotts. No, I was saying I'm on a quest to make every day this month especially enjoyable.
So I enjoyed relaxing this morning with morning television personalities relating all things relevantly ugly but also some uplifting. You get to pick and choose your poison. I change the channel the same way I delete ugly Facebook posts. And to that, please don't ask me to say amen or re-post your opinion. In my mind it's like saying "On your left '.

I did go to Carlsbad State Beach where I found sun, surf- not the expected 'high surf' -but interestingly enough that they were breaking as usual and reaching the shore. An enjoyable read along with a bevy of people to watch is always fun. And here, again, I mean the ladies.  

Some, thankfully, not quite lady like.